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Run Your 50 AMP RV in a 30 AMP Park that has an additional 20 AMP circuit or GFCI.

The JTB Power Solution configures the available power in a typical RV Park (30 AMP Main Circuit and 20 AMP circuit or GFCI auxiliary) for use in your RV automatically. Once the JTB Power Solution is installed you will simply plug your existing power cord into the 30 AMP service and plug the additional power cord (added to your RV with the JTB Power Solution install) into the 20 AMP circuit or GFCI. The JTB Power Solution is the only power management tool on the market that will allow you to put the full 50 AMPS of service available at a Typical RV Park 30 AMP Power Pole to work in your RV, regardless of whether the 20 AMP auxiliary outlet is a GFCI or not. 

Once installed, you will be able to run both AC units at the same time to keep your RV nice and cool or run your other appliances with your single AC unit simultaneously. The JTB Power Solution is a power management solution that allows you to use what is available now at the typical RV hook up (30 AMP main service with auxiliary 20 AMP circuit or GFCI) in your RV. The JTB Power Solution is automatic, so there are no switches or meters to monitor. Traditional cheater boxes no longer are an effective solution and will not work with your RV. Although they are commonly sold to solve this problem you will quickly determine that at the typical RV Park Power Pole, if a GFCI is present, your cheater box will cause the GFCI to fail every time, it's just a matter of minutes when both AC units are running.

The JTB Power Solution solves other power management problems too. (Click on the JTB Quiz at the top to learn about the full benefits of a JTB Power Solution)

Put the JTB Power Solution to work in your RV today. Beating the heat utilizing both AC units or using other appliances while running your AC unit will be safe and hassle free and has never been easier. 

The JTB Power Solution is ETL Tested and Certified and carries a one year warranty. (Click on the warranty tab for details)

The JTB Power Solution was designed and is manufactured by fellow RV users to solve a well known power problem. Jack Hurst was the master mind behind this unique break thru solution. 

"We welcome the opportunity to solve your RV Power Management problems! We live in Texas and simply cannot enjoy camping in the Texas HEAT without using both AC Units. RV Parks will not let you run generators so I created a solution to solve our problems. I think you will truly enjoy our product once you have installed it"……."cheater boxes that are commonly pushed by RV accessory houses and accessory reseller simply fail when hooked up to a GFCI. It is so frustrating… Well Not any More- the JTB Power Solution has got you covered" 


Jack Hurst




JTB Power Solution is now available online

JTB Power Solution receives ETL Certification


Does your RV trip RV park breakers limiting AC or appliance use?
Our breakthrough product solves these problems!
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